“We’ve gone for a couple years now, and they are just wonderful with kids. Great care!”

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Why Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist Instead of Our Regular Family Dentist?
At What Age Should My Child Have First Visit the Dentist?
Can I Go Back With My Child?
If My Child Gets a Cavity in a Baby Tooth, Should It Still Be Filled?
When Do the First Teeth Start To Erupt?
How Can I Help My Child Through the Teething Stage?
What Causes Tooth Decay?
How Does a Good Diet Lead To Healthy Teeth?
Why Does My Child Need X-rays?
My Child Plays Sports. How Should I Protect My Child’s Teeth?
What Should I Do If My Child Knocks Out a Permanent Tooth?
What Is Nitrous Oxide? Is It Safe for Children?
What Is General Anesthesia?
What Is Conscious Sedation?
Are There Different Dental Needs for Special Needs Children?
What Is Pulp Therapy and What Are the Advantages?
Is My Child Getting Enough Fluoride?
What Is Fluoride Varnish?
Does Your Child Grind His Teeth At Night? (Bruxism)
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